Las Vegas Dog Boarding – Quality Care For Your Dog

dog boarding poolDog boarding is a safe way that makes sure that your pooch is well cared for when you go on vacation. Ordinary kennels serve the purpose but, if there is no one to take care of your dog, then you have little choice in the matter by taking it to a dog boarding facility. Dog boarding has quickly become a common option for dog owners these days. More and more institutions have started offering boarding services to dog owners.

You realize that dog boarding services make things easier for you the pet owner by ensuring that your dogs are well cared for, groomed, fed and bathed. For a fee that you can rest easy knowing that your beloved pet is in safe hands.

Yet before you decide to take your dog to a boarding facility like Luxe Pet Hotels In Las Vegas (sometimes referred to as a “pet hotel”), you need to visit the dog boarding facility and make considerations by either asking questions or making your own analysis based upon what you see.

Las Vegas, NV


Is the canine kennel area clean or not in the Las Vegas NV facility?

You should take note of the cleanliness of the area, daily cleanliness is a must for your dog when you are away so as to ensure your dog’s health while you are away. Thus, you should look for dog boarding that you will be assured will keep your dog clean the whole time you will be on vacation.

Is the place secure for your dog?

Security is an important consideration, you need to be assured that your dog will be taken care of well and will not have a chance of escaping. For that reason you should look for a dog boarding that has got a tight security.

Are there harmful substances or objects in the Nevada dog kennel?

You know that your dog’s safety is vital. You need to inspect the boarding area and see whether there are harmful substances and objects.

Do they allow dogs to interact?

dog boarding kennelsYou understand that other dogs might get stressed due to them being alone or being housed with others. For this reason you need to look for a boarder that is able to cater for all your dog’s needs by making it possible for the dogs to interact and to separate those that are aggressive from the others.

Does the pet boarding have a vet?

You should inquire whether the pet boarding business has a veterinarian they partner with to look after your dog incase it gets hurt or sick.

You should also ask whether they cater for the dogs which have got special needs and special diet

The price of dog boarding depends on where you live and the services and amenities they offer. The prices can range from $20 to about $100 a day.