The Vibration Platform’s Role In Strengthening Muscles

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The vibration platform is simply a training mechanism primarily aimed at helping you accelerate your weight loss. It has the capability of burning up to 170 calories within a five-minute period. The benefits of the vibration platform also extend towards strengthening the body muscles and the bones. It simply works when the individual takes standing poses on the platform. It is the platform’s vibrations that cause accelerated muscular contractions. Although the benefits are many to the body, this article focuses on the platform’s role in strengthening your muscles and bones.

Strengthening the muscles

The vibration causes increased muscular contraction processes without the need to lift any weights. It is therefore an ideal training mechanism for people facing injury scares due to other forms of exercises. Unlike in normal exercises where the muscles contract once or twice per second, the platform increases muscular contractions up to 50 times per second. Furthermore, the platform is highly efficient as it works on 90% of the muscle fiber unlike normal exercises which work on only 40% of the muscle fiber. Consequentially, the platform results into increased muscle density and more muscle strength.

Strengthening the bones

The bones response to vibration machine exercise is almost a similar fashion as the muscles. It therefore means that applying stress on the bones helps make them stronger and also helps in bone formation. Old age comes with bone degradation. It is no wonder that the elderly are highly advised to use the platform in their efforts to increase bone formation and gain strength in their bones. The stress applied on the body by the platform is essential in developing stronger bones.

Although research is still being carried out on the role of the platform in strengthening bones, fitness experts advise that you could easily gain muscle strengthened muscles and bones using the vibration platform.

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