The Beauty of St. Lucia And It’s Rental Property

Among the best spots and romantic destinations in the world, St. Lucia qualifies to be among the top list. In this Island, there are many adventurous attractions and amazing accommodations waiting to be explored. Some of the fun and exciting activities such as hiking, nature walks and camping are the factors that make this place a romantic getaway for lovers and newlyweds. Stay in luxury private villas while you are there!

The beauties of St. Lucia don’t stop at the luxury villas

st lucia luxury holidaysLatille waterfalls; this is the most wonderful treasure in St. Lucia. If you happen to take your honeymoon to this Caribbean country, don’t forget to tour this place with your love partner. Latille waterfalls have such a pleasant view with an extension of a beautiful garden full of blooming flowers possessing bright colors. Latille waterfall is found on the east of Island.

Pitons; it is a breath taking high mountain of about 2,000 feet above the ground level. The activities in this famous landmark include; mountain climbing, nature walks and camping. All these activities call for privacy, and that is what you and your lover needs.

Newlyweds will not stop talking about their perfect private holiday in St. Lucia

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If natural beauty is not enough for you, St. Lucia hosts some of the best beaches in Caribbean. When the sun gets to harsh on your skin, there are several beach resorts you can relax in. When your not at the beach, stay in comfort at Akasha amazing rental villas.

Some of the best beaches you will find are:

  • Sugar beach, it is located on the western coast. It has many luxurious resorts and hotels to welcome tourist.
  • Jalousie beach, it has a great view of the piton volcanic peak. This is a very romantic place to host some love functions such as wedding and honeymoon vacations.

A holiday, vacation or honeymoon to St. Lucia will not disappoint you in any way. If your stay in the island might take you a couple of days, then finding beautiful rental villas is not a problem. There are more than enough luxurious villas to accommodate visitors.

Stylish accommodations available for those who are looking for luxury in the Caribbean

Some of the luxurious rental villas in St. Lucia include; Marigot bay, Cas en Bar holiday apartments, Rodney bay, Bois D’ Orange guest house among others. All these villas provide best accommodation, relaxation and privacy for two lovely couples.

If you have a plan for honeymoon vacation, love trip or a holiday, consider St. Lucia and experience life like never before.

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