The Advantages of Camping in British Columbia

campgrounds in bcPicking the right destination for a holiday camping trip can be a really hard task sometimes. Among all possible locations to choose from, British Colombia is a hidden gem, worthy of your attention. Why? Because BC is great for a wide variety of outdoor activities, from windsurfing and mountain biking to great camping spots.

The following is a list of reasons why you should spend your holiday in BC…

The climate.

BC has a mild, rainy oceanic climate. You can enjoy warm rainfalls in the forest, or great sunny days on the coast. You won’t get any extreme temperatures or excessive rainfalls. The weather will be your ally and will make your camping trip a memorable experience.

The nature.

As one of the few well-preserved natural locations, British Colombia is home to many red-listed species, both plants and animals. This also means that the whole province has seen little impact from human activity, and is well protected from it, which is perfect, if you need to take a break from the busy city life. With many parks and ecological reserves, BC is heaven for the eco-friendly people.

The diverse geography.

One of the biggest advantages of BC is its landscape. Those who like photography will surely appreciate the countless photo opportunities they can get there: impressive mountain ranges, sun-reflecting waterscapes, crystal clear lakes, preserved rainforests, and wild animals. Everybody likes having some good photos to mark and remember their travels, and BC is a great place to make these. Thinking about staying a while? Check out our cabins for rent in BC!

British Colombia is truly a wonderful camping destination. The number of fun things to do there is only limited by your imagination. Whether you are planning to hike in the mountains so you can get a breathtaking view from the top, or are willing to spend a relaxing holiday on the beach, this is the right place to go.

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